Changes to come around the Hearthfire

You may have noticed that quite a lot has changed around here. We’ve got a fresh new look and all the old content has been retired (except for author guest posts, which can still be found via the tab above).

I’m changing focus, in recognition of the fact that my most successful posts of late have been teaching-related and/or teacher-centred. With that in mind, I’ll be writing more fully as a teacher here – but still about books and reading more than anything else (I may manage to sneak the odd dog picture in, who knows…).

New Blog Features

The blog will now feature a chosen Book of the Month, which will have a detailed and in-depth review, and plenty of classroom ideas, spread across a couple of blog posts.

Recommendation posts will return as a regular feature, rather than trying to do more detailed reviews, and I’ll offer themed collections of books, grouped for example by topic or curriculum link with brief comments on what makes them worth your time and who they’re recommended for.

Essay posts will feature occasionally (once a month at most) on topics relating to reading, writing and English teaching.

Weekly reading recommendations in slide format will return  – one slide per week to show to classes to offer some recent fun reads to try to encourage reading for pleasure. As a taster for that, here’s my Summer Reading Recommendation list updated for this year.

Summer Reading Recommendations 2017

We gave this to yr10 students. It tries to make recommendations based on their taste in TV/film and their hobbies and interests, in the hope there would be something they would consider trying. Many of these titles will crop up on my slides over the next few months. I hope it’s a useful document to have in departments as a starting point for conversations. I found it invaluable on Parents’ evenings when parents would say ‘s/he doesn’t read’ – it gives you a reference, especially if you’ve got a computer in front of you and can look things up on Amazon and spark their interest that way.

I hope to see you around more often!

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