Reviewing policy

I am a UK reviewer and I do accept books from publishers and authors for possible review, in hard copy and Kindle formats.

The Book of the Month receives a full and detailed review, while others will receive briefer mentions in themed recommendation posts, and may feature in my themed weekly reading recommendation slides. I will select a Book of the Month based on various criteria including teaching calendar, topicality, publication date and relation to other featured books (e.g. aiming to cover a range in terms of topic, age range, genre, style/tone etc) and cannot submit to specific requests for any book to be chosen for this without reading it first.

I am unlikely to publish negative reviews: if I don’t enjoy a book I usually don’t finish it (there are too many books in the world to waste time on those that aren’t for me!), and I don’t think it’s fair to review something I haven’t read completely.

I am also happy to discuss blog tour posts, giveaways and other promotions, especially for books I have enjoyed or am enthusiastic about.

As you can see from the reviews featuring on the blog, I am particularly interested in reviewing Children’s, YA, Crime and Fantasy novels. I have a special fondness for writing which makes use of folklore, myth and magic.

If you would like me to review a book for you, please email me.

One thought on “Reviewing policy

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